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        產品特點介紹 Features of the product introduction

                The YLL(YGL) Organic heat carrier boiler is packaged forced circulation vertical burning biomass boilers. The heating surface of ontology is compact structure, heating surface is composed of inside and outside close circular tube. Inside dish tube for radiation heating surface, outside dish tube and the outer surface of the tube inside dish convection heating surface. The boiler is composed of upper body and lower combustion chamber, field assembling. The fuel in the combustion chamber full combustion, after the most heat is absorbed by the radiation heating surface, the high temperature flue gas going to the convection heating surface and change the heat. After the flue gas from boiler air preheater of the heating boiler combustion air as needed, dust-collecting can send the waste gas to the atmosphere.Various types of emissions are below the national standard(GB13271-2001), This product is the alternative fuel, gas, electricity, coal fired steam boiler, the best products. Biomass boiler operation cost is low, fuel, gas, electric heating boiler families save 40% - 40%, save 5%-10% running cost than coal, the heat energy is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving environmental protection equipment.


        技術參數 Technical information


        PS: Our company always improve the products, if something is change in a hurry, we can't show it in our catalogue, thanks for your understanding.


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